-Mandara Parvath used for churning of ocean.
-Appearance of Kurma avatar to hold Mandara Parvath.
-Lord Shiva was named Nilakanta for keeping the poison in his throat
-Poison coming out of ocean & Shivaji drinking it
-Poisonous snakes, scorpions, toxic plants and other poisonous things in this world became poisonous because drops of poison got on them
-Devatas glorifying Bhagavan Sri Vishnu.
-Why Shivaji hold the poison in his neck?
-Persons & things coming out of ocean like Ucchasrava(horse),kaustubha mani(jewel),
-Airavata(elephant), apsaras, Lakshmi-devi,Varuni Kaanya, Dhanvantari appear by the ocean
-Lakshmi-devi married to Bhagavan Mukunda.
-Appearance of Mohini avatar & Her lila of cheating asuras & giving nectar to devatas.
-Devatas took shelter of Bhagavan’s lotus feet & got nectar.
-Valuable things are given only to those who take shelter & others are cheated.
-Why Lakshman & Bharata disagree with each other?
-Lord Rama making Lakshman understand that Bharata isn’t coming to harm Him.
-Why Bhagavan came as Daru Brahma (Jagannatha)?

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