-Bhava is manifested in the heart by mercy
-Obstacles in bhakti
-Vaidhi-bhakti (utpadika-bhakti or shastra-shasana-mayi-bhakti)
-If you worship Krishna because you are fearful of injunctions of the shastras, then it’s vaidhi-bhakti
-Shabari did not give Rama her food remnants
-Types of kamatmika-bhakti: sambhoga-iccha-mayi-bhakti and tad-tad-bhava-iccha-mayi-bhakti
-5 limbs of raganuga-bhakti
-Can one who has taken diksha in the following sampradayas attain Vraja and raganuga-bhakti: Sri, Brahma, Rudra, Sanaka?

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