• When a baby takes birth he remembers his previous parents and when he see new parents he cries as feels completely helpless
  • Even a person is not initiated and he chants the holy names, he is called a brahmana
  • Story of Jabali, her son Satyakam and Haridru Gautama Guru
  • Simplicity is brahmanism
  • Everyone is born as a brahmana, but as they get older, they become crooked shudras
  • Who can be a brahmachari
  • All brahmacharis should look at all women as their mothers or younger sisters
  • Upakurvan brahmachari and naishtika (brihad vrata) brahmachari
  • If a man engages in a relationship with his wife only to conceive children during ovulation, he is a brahmachari and his wife is a brahmacharini
  • Grihastha should not stay in temple
  • Regulations for vanaprasthas

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