-Mind is flickering(chanchal).
-How can the mind be controlled?
-Manah shiksha tells to engage the mind at the lotus feet of Radha Krishna.
-Bhakti unmukha sukriti helps in getting sadhu sanga & then bhakti.
-Story of a fox taking paneer from a crow with sweet words.
-Always think of gurudev’s lotus feet as Gurudev is sambandha pradata.
-By guru’s mercy all anarthas go away.
-Stay in Vraja & do bhajan.
-Everything in Vrindavan is favourable for Radha Krishna seva.
-In Manasa-sarovara trees in viraha feel pangs of separation.
Only great devotees experience & realise it.
-Certain things one will realise by doing bhajan.
-Story of a merchant who considers Srimati Radhika as his daughter & makes bangles for Her.
-Certain things to be realised & won’t be in sastras.
-Stay with mind in Vraja if not physically.


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