-Why Bhagavan takes the side of devatas in spite of being equal to all.
-By Bhagavath Katha bhakti is attained.
-By Swaroop shakti influence Bhagavan accepts Vaishnava.
-On what basis friendship,enmity is in this world.
-How 3 gunas act in material nature in a day.
-Bhagavan & Vaishnava are beyond 3 modes of material nature.
-About 24 tattva. Atma & Paramatma, Purusa & Prakriti.
-Based on association one gets qualities.
-How baddha jivas influenced by 3 gunas.
-Brahmaji asking 4 Kumaras to get married.
-Lila of Lord Vishnu making 4 Kumaras to get attracted to His lotus feet.
-4 Kumaras cursing Jaya & Vijaya.
-Jaya & Vijaya in 3 lives coming as demons & being killed by Bhagavan.
-By ahankar that you are best you cann’t go to Bhagavan.
-Vaidhi Bhakti & Ragunaga bhakti.
-Sequence of avatars Matya,Kurma,Varaha,Narasimha not always same

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