-Lord Narasimhadev asks Prahlada Maharaj to ask Him a boon.
-Prahlada Maharaj denies initially & asks to bless him preach Hari Katha.
-Naraimha deva grants & says Prema will be obtained by those hearing his charithra.
-Smaran of Lord with Prahlada Maharaj will keep hurdles away.
-Mahaprabhu asking Gadhadhara Pandit to speak Dhruva Maharaj & Prahlada Maharaj in Totagopinath.
-Why Bhagavan takes the side of devatas in spite of being equal to all.
-Vali asks Lord Ramachandra a question similar to above.
-Question should be perfect.Speaker will be happy to answer perfect question.
-By hearing Hari Katha Bhakti will develop.
-Bhagavath Charithra Katha is nectar.
-Except butcher everyone wants to listen

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