-Suvarna Sita used by Lord Rama in yagna every year became a gopi.
-Vedavathi’s birth & her tapasya in search of Bhagavan.
-Ravana in Vedavathi’s place & her curse to him.
-Sita devi coming as daughter of Janak Maharaj got married to Lord Rama & vanavas afterwards.
-Vedavathi entered into Sita devi.
-Rishis curse to Agni deva in Bhandirvat.
-Agni deva getting freed from curse by Krishna’s Kripa.
-Lord Rama’s desire to relish viraha rasa & gives service of hiding Sita devi to Agni devi.
-2 Meanings of Laxman Rekha & Ravana kidnapping Chaya Sita.
-Things have to be done as per qualification, be it man or woman.
-Remember Draupadi , Tara , Mandodari , Ahalya , Kunti in the morning for purification.
-Arrangement of chastity test & Chaya Sita enters into fire & goes to swarga as Swarga Lakshmi.
-Swarga Lakshmi comes as Draupadi, one of the main reasons for the Mahabharata war.

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