– Little Krishna kills demons, giving them liberation – Nanda Maharaj gives gifts to all vrajavasi to celebrate Krishna’s birth – Srimati Radhika’s appearance. – The human body cannot withstand the prema. – Srimati Radhika was born with Her eyes closed so that Krishna would be the first person She would see after Her birth – Narada Rishi sees Srimati Radhika’s divine love – Radha and Krishna’s first meeting after Their birth – Madhu Smita Sri Radha – my book of rare facts about Srimati Radharani – Netra-utsava – celebration of Sri Radha’s eye opening – Darshana-jata-prema (Kubja), shravana-jata-prema (Rukmini), sahaja-jata-prema (Radha and gopis) – Param-Gurudev had an uncle, a devotee of Lord Rama, and the boys surrounded him and teased him, shouting: “Jai Sri Ram!” and the uncle forbade them to speak. In fact, he did it on purpose, so that they would repeat Lord Rama’s names even more – Sita-devi does not leave her body separated from Ramachandra because she repeats His name, which like a guardian guards her vital air – Description of Krishna’s beauty. – Govardhana-dharana lila

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