-The ultimate goal of jiva is to manifest svarupa-anubhandi-vritti. -Just as a seed has potency the jiva being manifested from Bhagavan also has a potency in his heart with one of the 5 rasas. -Just as water has liquidity jiva has svarupa-anubhandi-vritti i.e.,Krishna-seva-vasana is in all the rasas except shanta-rasa. -Those in shanta-rasa have only nishtha with no sambandha-jnana & no mamata. -Jiva svarupa-anubhandi-vritti is Krishna Das bhava. Eg in different rasas: dasyam – Hanuman; sakhya – Subala, Shridhar; vatsalya – Nanda, Yashoda; madhurya – gopis. -Seva-vritti of 2 types 1. Bhagavata-buddhi 2. Laukika-sadbhandu-vritti. -Examples of how devotees in Vaikuntha, Ayodhya, Dvaraka, Mathura have aishvarya-buddhi & think Krishna is Bhagavan. Whereas Vrajavasis do not think Krishna is Bhagavan. -Reminiscence of Vraja-mandala parikrama with Srila Narayana Goswami Maharaj & comparison to current days. -Krishna-lila of building a bridge with the help of monkeys after gopis refused to accept Him previously as Lord Rama. -Importance of brihad-mridanga & about grantha-seva for disciples. -To speak about the sadhya of svarupa-anubhandi-vritti Raya Ramananda started saying that svadharma in varnashrama-dharma is vishnu-bhakti. -Seva-vritti of 2 ways 1.Svatantra-mayi-seva (independently) — nitya-parikars like Lalita, Vishakha etc. Srimati Radhika does service independently by Her own desire. 2.Anugatta-mayi-seva — Under the guidance of nitya-parikars jiva’s will do the service. -Difference b/w jivas & nitya-parikars. Jiva comes from tatastha-shakti whereas Nitya Parikar comes from Swaroop Shakti of Krishna. -In spiritual world there is nitya abhimaan(real eternal ego) in nitya parikars.In materialistic world we have anitya abhimaan(temporary ego) due to materialistic relations which goes away after leaving the body. -In Hindu dharma devatas worship is aghantuku(external impositions on jiva).Krishna’s worship is nitya. -About Prana pratishta & about Krishna being Bhava Grahi Janardana. -Gauranga’s Lila of taking Govardhan Sila from Sankaranya, worshipping with tears & giving it to Srila Raghunath Das Goswami. -Story of Meera bhai being harassed by her husband as she spoke the truth of speaking to Krishna’s diety.

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