-Glorification of Srila Gurudev & reminiscence of devotees, activities in Math during Srila Gurudev times. -We have to glorify bhakta-bhagavata like Srila Gurudev on the occasion of his centennial. -Lord Shiva spoke amar katha to Parvati deviji on some conditions. -As shuka pakshi hears katha from Lord Shiva, he is being chased until it enters the mouth of Vatikā, wife of Vyasadev. -Shukadev Goswami comes out of his mothers womb only when Krishna gives promise that Shukadev Goswami will be protected from maya. -Without guru-nishta one can’t even come out of maya then what to speak of krishna-prema. -In Naimisharanya Shaunaka rishis asked 6 questions to Suta Goswami. In the first canto the first 5 questions are being discussed. Whereas the last question is discussed in all of the remaining cantos. -Shukadev Goswami after coming out from the womb being immersed in Brahman started running naked. -Vyasadev tells a hunter to catch a bird by using 2 slokas.One describes the form & beauty of Lord.Another about the guna (qualities) of Krishna. -Srimati Radhika describes the beauty of Lord Krishna who is returning from herding cows. -Sloka 1 barhapidam nata-vara-vapuh karnayoh karnikaram sloka (Srimad Bhagavtam 10.21.5) explanation. -Sloka 2 aho baki yam stana-kala-kutam sloka Srimad Bhagavatam 3.2.23. explanation. -Shukadev Goswami comes out expressing wonder at hunter & then hears nectarian hari-katha from Vyasadev. -Ashvattama’s Killing the sons of Draupadi & directing brahmastra into the womb of Uttara to kill Parikshit Maharaj who was saved by Lord Vishnu. -Story of curse of Rishi Shamika’s son Sringin to Parikshit Maharaj that he will die in 7 days. -Parikshit Maharaj feels happy after hearing about the curse & meets different types of sadhus to know about duty of person going to die. -Parikshit Maharaj was advised to do nama kirtana & shravana. What is sriya & what is priya? -2 characteristics of bhakti are unconditional & incessant, uninterrupted. -By hearing hari-katha Krishna will be pleased as it is shabda brahma.Even if one gets the desire to hear hari-katha Bhagavan will sit in their heart.

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