Part 1

-Vedas divided into 3 kandas 1.karma kanda 2.jnana kanda 3.upasana kanda. About karmic people & their interests. -Actually hari-bhakti is very rare & is obtained after many lives of doing sadhanа. -Upasana kanda is of 2 types 1.Devi vevata upasana. 2.Bhagavan upasana. -Raya Ramananda in the assembly of advaita panditas used to glorify about vraja-prema & radha-krishna lila & they used to mock him. -By Bhagavan kripa one can know Bhagavan. By guru-kripa one can know about guru-tattva. By vaishnava-kripa one can know about Vaishnava. -Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya says that by Raya Ramananda’s mercy he got the darshana of Lord’s lotus feet & his life is successful. -Raya Ramananda says that Hey prabhu You are every merciful being a sannyasi you came to a sudra like me & embraced me. -Sadhu’s goes to the house of householders just to enlighten them. -Sadhu’s alankara (transcendental qualities) – titikshava , karunika , suhida sarva dehinam, ajata satrava, santa.

Part 2

-Punya tirtha sthal gets contaminated as people leave their sins & santa mahatma purifies such places as they carry the lotus feet of Lord in their heart. -Narada Yudhishthira samvad each glorifying one another. -Daksha Prajapati cusres Naradji that Naradji can’t stay in a place for a long time. -Naradji goes to Dvaraka Puri & takes rest as Brahma’s curse also cannot enter there. Krishna’s final advice to Uddhava. -By ashrama-vichara sannyasi is the topmost & from bhakti-vichara no caste is considered & depends only on bhajana. -Raya Ramananda & Gauranga Mahaprabhu glorifies one another that one is showing mercy on another. Primarily who showed mercy on whom? -utsāhān niścayād dhairyāt Nectar of Instruction 3rd sloka. -By doing harinama again & again shuddha-nama will manifest by Nama Prabhu’s mercy. -Special characteristics of Gauranga differing from jiva. Neither you brought anything or you take anything with you.

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