-Krishna-bhakti & krishna-prema will not manifest without the association of sadhu.

-Lord Kapila advised his Mother Devahuti to always associate with high class devotees.(Srimad-Bhagavatam ,3rd canto)

-Suffering of jiva in the mother’s womb & jiva’s prayers to Lord.

-Gurudev’s advice to chant Lord Narasimha prayers to a devotee’s sister with a baby in her womb. Doctors said no hope, but miraculously both of them saved.

-After coming from mother’s womb how does jiva gets entrapped in maya by family,education, job,wealth, spouse etc.

-Story of a sadhu’s advice to a person dreaming for success for whole life.

-One moment association with sadhu is auspicious & will make your life successful.

Necessities of human life is already predestined by previous karma.

So make best use of human form of life for bhajana-sadhana.

-Srila BV Svami Maharaj preached in Western world & changed the hippies.

-Prescribed process in different yugas for attaining the Lord.

-Whatever ashrama you are in do bhajana-sadhana & do not think I will go to this ashrama & then do.

-Story of Narada Rishi as how he made his disciples (grihastha) show interest in hari-katha & tattva.

-Astrology, astronomy is also anyabhilashitha & like an anartha; not helpful for shuddha-bhakti.

-Sad Guru & sadhu thinks how to engage disciples in bhajana-sadhana. Guru chastises means he is showering mercy on you.

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