-Kanishtha Adhikari, Madyama Adhikari, Uttama Adhikari & their faith & their types of Bhakti. -Story of a disciple’s faith on Guru being with him or not. -Guru nourishes the disciple in 4 ways similar to 1.Bird hatching the eggs 2.Mother Fish taking baby fishes & dispersing sometimes. 3.Crocodile nourishing babies with glance 4.Tortoise nourishment to babies. -Gurudev’s Mercy is coming from 1.Hardik(Heart) 2.Vachik(Words) 3.AlokDhan(Glance) -From Manah Siksha Oh My Mind cry out loudly to the powerful,merciful vaishnavas who are the protectors of the path of bhakti leading to Krishna. -Story of a cowherd boy calling out tiger falsely first & then genuinely second time. -Bakasura is the symbol of duplicity & hypocrisy. Internal & External remain same. -Neeti sastra says to acquire knowledge from 5 places. They are kaka cheshta,baka dhyana,alpha ahari griha tyagi, sleep like a dog. -How Srila Madhava Maharaj sent away those dogs disturbing the sleep of Srila Narayana Goswami Maharaj. -Trnavatra is the personification of kuti neti. Desire to Merge in Brahman is topmost cheating propensity. -About Kirtan & Sankirtan & Gopis singing Gopi Gita.

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