• We have to clean the soul by hari-katha.
  • Chanting the holy names destroys the roots of sins.
  • Lila: Pulastya Rishi bringing Govardhana to Vraja.
  • Parikrama to Giriraja Govardhana is very powerful. One immobile man started walking when he came to Govardhanа with a desire to perform parikrama for him.
  • Ramachandra and Giriraja Govardhana katha.
  • Krishna created Giriraja with the help of Yogamaya.
  • Put a glass of water and tulasi before going to bed and you will dream of Radha and Krishna all night. In the morning drink this water and you will not be sick.
  • Baladeva Prabhu in the mood of Ananga Manjari.
    -Tadiyatta-bhava and madiyatta-bhava. Ghrta-sneha and madhu-sneha.


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