-All the trees are wish-fulfilling trees in Vrindavan.
-Pandavas austerities on banks of Radhakunda.
-All the Lakshmis are serving in Vraja-bhumi by brooming Vrindavan.
-Don’t criticise anyone in Vraja.
-Lila of Yogamaya manifesting as snake to help Krsna break the maan of Srimati Radhika.
-Topmost places as per Upadeshamrita.
-Mahaprabhu instructed not to reside long in Vrindavan & place feet on Govardhan.
-Govardhan is Bhagavath-Svarupa.
-Mahaprabhu was bathing Giriraj Shila with His tears.
-In Srimad Bhagavatm about 3 Haridas Yuddhishthira,Uddhava & Giriraj.
-Narada Rishi praising Yuddhishthira as fortunate for having Krsna always in his house & serving Him.
-Grihastha vs Grihamedhi.
-Glories of Uddhava as Krsna’s nitya-sakha,worshipping Krsna even before Krsna’s darshan, being sent to Vraja by krsna to make him learn prema-vidya.
-How did gopis sent Uddhava back with their questions.
-Giriraj is the witness of all pastimes of Radha Krsna.
-You must associate with sadhus. In all sadhus Giriraj is topmost.
-Madhurya Parikiya bhava of gopis vs Digustful parakiya mood of baddha-jivas.


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