• Mahabhava-cintamani.
  • The four types of gopis and their relationship with Sri Krsna.
  • The difference between material and spiritual bodies, and their constitutional elements.
  • Srimati Radhika’s body is composed of only one tattva: Ananda.
  • Bhagavat-tattva: Sri Krsna’s body is composed of sat — cit — ananda.
  • Brahma, Paramatma and Bhagavan each have their own tattva.
  • The spiritual world is always illuminated.
  • Description of Srimati Radhika’s body and glow.
  • Seek potency. In the spiritual world there is no difference between body and soul.
  • A maha-bhagavata looks at the material world and only sees Sri Krsna.
  • One must have realisation, there is no point trying to understand through the mind.
  • Sukadeva Gosvami said to Pariksit Maharaja: “I have told you many things, but remember only the names of God (cintamani) and be absorbed (samadhi) in His pastimes.
  • Lila of Srinivasa Acharya sitting for seven days in samadhi.
  • Lila from when Srimati Radhika lost Her nose ring.
  • The Guru manifests in the heart of the disciple when he is free from anger and lust.
  • We only see faults in others, everything others do is wrong, but when we see our own faults, we will no longer see any faults in others.
  • Srimati Radhika only sees Sri Krsna and He sees only Her. She satisfies Him in every way.
  • Different forms of family relationships.
  • Mahaprabhu taught the art of clapping in kirtana.
  • Sri Krsna’s lila leaving Vrndavana and going to Mathura. Mother Yasoda suffers a lot, there is no greater love than a mother’s love.


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