• Glorification of Bhagavad-gita destroys sins.
  • How Ganga-devi appeared from the lotus feet of Lord Vamanadeva.
  • The curse of Sagara Maharaja’s sons by Kapiladeva Bhagavan.
  • In Kali-yuga there is a profound concession: while crimes committed in the mind are not counted, pious activities in the mind are counted.
  • Durvasa Rishi’s curse of Ganga-devi (Mandakini).
  • You do not want sadhu’s real mercy, you want only material things.
  • Lord Shiva redirects the powerful flow of the Ganga towards himself.
  • Ganga’s other names are Mandakini (in Svarga-loka), Bhagirathi (in Prithivi-loka) and Bhagavati (in Patala-loka).
  • Mention of the stories that prove the power of the Ganges.
  • Different forms of Tulasi-devi and Vrinda-devi.
  • Original Ganga is Srimati Radhika’s sakhi Viroja; Srimati Radhika curses Viroja.
  • Men get angry; women get angry and jealous.
  • The dispute between Jamuna and Ganga. Who is higher?


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