-King Indra prevents Sagara Maharaj’s 100th ashvamedha-yajna and steals his horse
-Kapiladeva curses 60 000 sons of Sagara Maharaj
-King Bhagiratha brings Ganga-devi into material world
-Mandakini is the name of Ganga-devi in heavenly planets
-Gangadhara is one of Shiva’s names for he keeps Ganga-devi in his head
-Bhagirathi is the name of Ganga-devi on earth
-Bhagavati is the name of Ganga-devi in Rasatala, lower planet
-Ganga waters remove the curse from Sagar Maharaja’s sons
-Original Ganga-devi (Viraja) is a sakhi of Srimati Radhika
-Lila of Krishna secretly meeting with Ganga-devi
-The conditioned souls wash away their sins in the Ganges, and then the pure devotees, by taking bath in the Ganges, cleanse it of these sins
-Jahnu Maharaj detains Ganga-devi in Navadvipa-dhamа
-Jahnavi is the other name of Ganda-devi. Curling, she created 9 islands of Navadvipa
-Ganga-devi’s and samudra’s great fortune to get association of Caitanya Mahaprabhu
-A dying man will reach Vaikuntha-dhama by putting a drop of Ganga in his mouth
-Lila on the Garuda, the snake and the holy waters of the Ganges
-Those who hear the glory of Ganga-devi will receive liberation from the material world
-Always remember Ganga water, Tulasi and Giriraja Govardhana
-The water of the Ganges kept in the house will purify the heart of the devotee and give him shuddha-bhakti

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