• Ganga destroys all sins.
  • Who is higher? Ganga or Yamuna?
  • Govindam Adi Purusham Tam Aham Bhajami.
  • Bandhu Sange Yadi Tava Range Parihasa.
  • If crooked Krishna enters your heart you will not be able to take Him out.
  • Everybody come to Gaura-dhama and take bath in Ganga.
  • Navadvipa-dhama does not take offences.
  • Mana Re Kaha Na Gaura Katha.
  • Aradhitam nava vanam naradhitam nava vanam sloka.
  • Bhakta-pada-dhuli, bhakta-pada-jala and bhakta-bhukta-shesha are 3 very powerful things and should be taken with firm faith.
  • Shantanu Maharaja and Ganga-devi.
  • [Dance performance]
  • In Kali-yuga, chanting the holy names is a very powerful process.
  • [Gita-samsara drama]
  • Always associate with sadhus.
  • Don’t listen to the advice of materialists or they will cause you more problems.
  • No need to change your ashrama. Just do your bhajana and sadhana under the guidance of Guru.


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