-CC Madhya 25
-The essence of nectar is krishna-lila
-Krishna-lila and goura-lila are equally important
-Anugrahaya bhaktanam shloka
-Gaura-lila is compared to sweet rice and krishna-lila is compared to camphor
-Gaura-lila is a sarovara
-Sarovara means pond, not lake, because a pond has sweet water and a lake has salty water
-Mahaprabhu’s devotees are like swans (can separate milk from water)
-Why do we first chant gaura-mantras and gaura-gayatri and then krishna-mantra?
-Gaurasundara strictly follows the rules and regulations of the society
-Samyogini Radha and Viyogini Radha
-To think that Krishna and Gaura are different is an offence
-Separation nourishes meeting


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