PART 1 (English)

-Rasa-lila’s other name is chakravarti-lila, which means that all other lilas are included in rasa-lila (example of chakravarti king)
-Krishna’s lilas of ashta-kaliya-lila
-Vrinda-devi arranges ashta-kaliya-lila
-Characteristics of shanta-rasa, dasya-rasa, sakhya-rasa, vatsalya-rasa and madhurya-rasa
-The story of how one man hired a lawyer and then when the lawyer helped him to be declared insane, did not pay him for his services
-The Lord’s dhama can expand and shrink
-Krishna is the original Kamadeva
-Each Kama-gayatri represents Krishna’s part of the body

PART 2 (English translation)


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