-The maha-mantra of Kali-yuga consists of 16 names and 32 syllables
-If you love Gurudeva, you will follow his instructions
-The story of a father and son crossing a river with a donkey
-Maya creates obstacles because its duty is to prevent people from liberating from this material world
-Avoid apa-sampradayas
-Follow 4 principles and chant the holy names
-Guru-bhakti, guru-nishtha are the backbone of bhakti
-Mayavadis put three lines on their forehead
-The meaning of tilaka
-Vaco vegam: first control the urges of your speech, then mind, anger
-When you are getting angry you disturb yours and others’ mind and destroy everything
-Question: How do you treat those who ask for money for hari-katha?
-Question: What if someone offers me donations and I don’t want to take them?


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