-Ramanujacharya is a prominent acharya of Sri Ramanuja
-Anuja means younger brother. He is the incarnation of Lakshmana playing the role of a human. That’s why called Ramanujacharya
-Ramanujacharya’s guru Yadavacharya compared Bhagavan’s eyes to a monkey’s buttocks
-Yadavacharya tries to kill Ramanujacharya
-Those who associate with impersonalists
-The hearts of those who communicate with impersonalists become as hard as a thunderbolt
-Laskhmana Deshika accepts Yamanujacharya as his guru when he already left his body
-Lakshmana Deshika bent three fingers with his guru and made statements: he would write Sri Bhashya (commentaries on the Vedanta Sutra) and take sannyasa from Yamanujacharya
-Murta and amurta (Lord and His shakti)
-Sri Ramananujacharya defeated mayavada philosophy and established shuddha-bhakti
-The story of how Kuresh, a disciple of Ramanujacharya, saved him from Buddhists who wanted to kill him (Bodhayana bhashya); a parallel to how Vinod-bиhari Brahmachari saved Srila BS Sarasvati Prabhupada when smarta-brahmanas wanted to kill him
-Distribute books but you have to read and learn them themselves
-The story of Dhanurdhar the drunkard’s surrender to Ramanujacharya
-The material body is like a stinky plastic bag
-The story of how Dhanurdhar and his wife proved their surrender to their guru Ramanujacharya
-When you completely surrender to Guru and Krishna, you will see God


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