-False renunciation (sasang-vairagya); real vairagya; taking vows and markata-vairagya.
-Accept only what is good for the body and Krishna.
-If criticize anyone, including mundane people, very easy to absorb these bad things, affecting body and mind.
-Story of sadhu living on one side of river and prostitute lady on the other.
-Holy names at time of death.
-Anarthas like a thunderbolt in the heart, not easy to move.
-Sambandha-jnana-pradata, gurupadma who gives knowledge of relationship in the heart towards Krishna through mantra and harikatha.
-Maya will go in front of those without kanthimala. Example house dog and street dog.
-In beginning, middle and end of Srimad Bhagavatam ~ holy names.
-Sinning and ten offences to the holy names.
-Question: How did Jagai and Madhai not commit offence to Nityananda Prabhu when they hit Him? (Previously Gurudeva had said they did not commit offence to any Vaisnava.)
-Turn off phones during harikatha otherwise commit offence. Bhakti not coming.
-Question: What is the quality of the sound of Krisna’s flute?
-The 3 tunes of gayatri manta.
-Discussion of various musical kathas.
-Science discusses two things: theoretical and practical, as like spiritual life, jnana and vijnana.


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