-The rules & regulations of Ekadasi tithi.
-If you are chanting holy names, you are sitting very close to Lord.
-You received Nama mantra, that means you received Krsna Himself.
-Holy names are like a touchstone.
-One must consider the ten offenses of the holy names, or they will not realize the touchstone nature of the holy names.
-01:04:09 – Consider the 6 types of offenses to vaisnavas- hanti nindati vai dveṣṭi vaiṣṇavān nābhinandati krudhyate yāti no harṣaṁ darśane patanāni ṣaṭ (Skanda-purana)
-Meaning of Bhajan – Ohe Vaisnava Thakur, I am like your pet dog. **
-Small holes of offenses create big holes.
-We should always give respects to vaisnavas. Srila Vamana Maharaja always gave respect to Srila Narayana Maharaja and visa-versa.
-Definition of Dehatma buddhi, bodily conception
-Example of the rotten potato spoiling the sac of potatoes, and how your heart will be contaminated if you are around someone committing vaisnava aparadha.
-Ekadasi tithi is like mother. If you observe Ekadasi, then bhakti will come.
-If your health is good, you can observe nirjala Ekadasi. If your health is not good, you can eat up to the neck with fruits, nuts, milk, yoghurt, buckwheat, yucca, etc.
-Most importantly one should chant holy names on Ekadasi.
-Story of Rukmangada and Dharmangada
-One-pointedness with Krsna solves all problems in household life.
-Meaning of krsner samsara kori chadi anacar, jive daya krsna nama sarva dharma sar
-Never criticise any householder, because everyone is coming from householder ashram.
-If you don’t eat for one day, you won’t die. And if you die on Ekadasi, you will go to Goloka Vrindavan.


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