-The definition of jagad-guru: one who preaches and practices himself
-Advaita Acharya is Bhagavat-tattva but He acts the role of a devotee
-Requirements for Brahma and Shiva’s position
-Nimai Panditа becomes Bhavuka Nimai
-Krishna is our life air
-The duties of a perfect brahmanа
-If you offer Tulasi and Ganga-jala to Krishna, He will be happy
-Advaita Acharya’s call for Krishna
-Advaita Acharya accelerated Krishna’s arrival by offering Him a tulasi leaf and Ganga water
-Three primary reasons why Krishna came into the material world as Mahaprabhu
-Krishna is the thief who stole the colour of Radharani’s body, hid under it and appeared as Gauranga
-Advaita Acharýa’s father was a royal priest named Kuvera
-Another name for Advaita Acharya is kamalaksha (lotus-eyed)
-Lila of a deity Kali exploding when baby Advaita Acharya bowed to her
-Advaita Acharya and His deity
–Vishvarupa (Mahaprabhu’s brother) learnt all the shastras under the guidance of Advaita Acharya
-I never criticise any grihastha. Stay in the family and serve Krishna
-Don’t marry women like Dundhuli. A wife should be as Mahaprabhu’s Vishnipriya or Lakshmipriya
-The song of Vishnupriya-devi after Gauranga took sannyasa
-Lila about Sita-devi catching a parrot as a child, sharing it with his pregnant wife, and being cursed by it to be separated from her future spouse
-Who will cry for Krishna? Everyone is crying for his family, not for Krishna
-Mahaprabhu did not give a blessing to Mukunda since he was kharajatiya (goes everywhere, accepts any community for his name, fame, and reputation) and to His own mother since she offended the lotus feet of Advaita Acharya


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