-Ganga parashara haile
-Story about Sagara Maharaja up to Bhagiratha bringing the Ganges to Prithivi-loka
-Durvasa Rishi cursing Mandakini (Ganges) in Svarga to go to Prithivi-loka
-Lila about how Draupadi bandaged the bleeding wound on Krishna’s leg and then Krishna Himself took the form of an infinite cloth and wrapped Draupadi with it when Dukhshasana tried to undress her
-The Ganges’ different names are Mandakini (Svarga), Bhagirathi (Prithivi-loka) & Bhagavati (Patalaloka). On how the Ganges got the name Jahnavi
-Ganga-devi stayed in Navadvipa-dhama as she realised in Kali-yuga Mahaprabhu will stay in Navadvipa
-Story of a snake attaining Vaikuntha after its death as its tail was in the Ganges water when Garuda caught it
-Women in Bengali make so many kinds of preparations


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