-Today is Makara Sankranti
-If you do not have water from the Ganges at your house you can recite Gange cha yamuna chaiva to sanctify ordinary water
-Laukika-shraddha, paramarthika-shraddha
-Follow the instructions of Guru, Vaishnava and shastras
-Srila Narayana Gosvami Maharaja strictly ordered his brahmacharis to give prasada to anyone who came to the temple, even a dog
-The power of maha-prasada
-If one did not receive diksha-mantras from one of the four Vaishnava Sampradaya one will not achieve perfection
-Mahaprabhu asks His Gurudeva why He gets mad while chanting the holy names
-Mundane people think that you are crazy because you do not drink alcohol, have no boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.
-Guru gives krishna-seva-vasana
-Chant the holy names and you will see miracles
-Self-realisation is the best realisation
-The story of the squirrel serving Lord Ramachandra
-The holy names of Sri Hari are higher than Sri Hari Himself
-Ceto darpana marjanam sloka


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