-God is Isvara, the Supreme Controller, and jivas are very small
-Balagra-sata-bhagasya sloka discussion
-Krishna-seva-vasana is the svarupa of the jiva; krishna-seva-vasana awakens in the association of pure devotees
-The Lord and jivas are sat-cid-ananda but they are not equal. They are like the fire and the sparkles of the fire
-Shuddha-sadhu-sanga is the root cause of bhakti
-9 limbs of bhakti
-2 leaves of Bhakti-devi manifest
-The story of the mouse who became a princess in the next life
-Krishna loves his one-pointed devotee and cleanses his sinful heart
-Laukika-shraddha and paramarthika-shraddha
-5 types of devotees
-Anaradhya radha padambhoja renum sloka discussion
-Rupa and Sanatana’s sweet katha
-Srimati Radhika’s mana and stubbornness
3 types of stubbornness: children’s stubbornness, women’s stubbornness, kings’ stubbornness


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