-Hari se bada hari ka naam – The holy names of Sri Hari are higher than Sri Hari Himself
-Lifespan of people in Satya-, Treta-, and Dvapara-yugas
-The mind in Kali-yuga is very restless; the practices to pacify one’s mind
-In Kali-yuga simply chant the holy names as the practices of Satya-, Treta-, and Dvapara-yugas are not available
-The story of how a Muslim man was attacked by a boar in the forest but managed to say “Haram” before he died and thus reached Vaikuntha
-Example of Ajamila calling his son’s name Narayana
-Even if one pronounces the holy names without purpose, unknowingly or in a joke, Nama Prabhu will give His mercy
-The condition of a sadhaka who chants harinama at the initial stage is akin to that of a jaundiced person to whom even a sweet candy seems bitter
-The experiences of a Vaishnava who chants shuddha-nama
-Everybody has to chant 16 holy names and 32 syllables
-The holy names will destroy all kinds of sins
-Ceto darpana marjanam sloka discussion
-Chant the holy names with a sadhu in sadhu-sanga, then you’ll get benefit
-Sadhu-sanga, nama-sankirtana, bhagavat-shravanam,
-Listen to hari-katha only from a Vaishnava
-How to define Vaishnava and Avaishnava?
-Rupa, Sanatana and Anupama
-Always associate with vraja-rasika-sadhus


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