-Baelvana is one of the important vana in Vrindavana.
-Lila of Narada Rishi telling about rasa-lila to Lakshmi-devi making Her feel greedy for it
& asking him for advice on how to enter into rasa-lila.
-Lakshmi-devi doing tapasya in Baelvana to enter into rasa-lila.
-If one has to take kripa from someone,one should be in a humble state.
-Krsna’s conditions for Lakshmi-devi to enter into rasa-lila.
-Lakshmi-devi not accepting Krsna’s conditions.
-Finally Krsna kept Lakshmi-devi as a golden ray on His chest.
-10 types of Lakshmis mentioned in sastra.
-Lila of Lord Rama blessing Suvarna-Sita to enter into rasa in Krsna-lila.
-Lila of Lord Rama saving Chaya-Sita Kidnapped by Ravana & then sending her to Svarga as Svarga-lakshmi who later came as Draupadi from fire.
-Lakshmi-devi is still doing tapasya.
-Naga Patnis wondering about Kaliya’s fortune in getting Krsna’s lotus feet on his hoods.
-Vrindavan Krsna’s lotus feet are rarely attainable.
-Mahaprabhu came in this Kali-yuga & gave ahaituki-kripa.
-Why Lakshmi-devi cannot enter into rasa-lila?
-Srimati Radhika manifested in 3 forms in Vrindavana, Dvaraka & Vaikuntha.
-How did Drona & Dhara get vatsalya-bhava after blessings from Brahma who is in dasya-rasa?


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