-Take the mind towards higher things in spite of its tendency towards lower things.
-What are prapatti & saranagati.
-What is sattva?
-Sandhini-shakti is sattva.
-Samvit means Krsna-visaya jnana.
-About 3 types of jnana.
-Hladini makes one to relish & others also make relish.
-Krsna is one but manifested in 3 forms as Baladeva Prabhu, Svayam Bhagavan Krsna & Radharani.
-Avataras are Krsna’s vaibhava-rupa.
-Prema is compared to sun & jivas are like sun rays/Prema-rupi kiran kana.
-Nitya-siddha-parikara-bhava gets reflected in jivas heart & jiva gets absorbed in that bhava as per his potency.
-Uddhava is saying that taking birth as a gopi is successful.
-5 Types of conscious beings.
-Bhagavan does lila with His parikaras only.
-Story of the past life of a dog which got mercy from Mahaprabhu & got liberated.
-Bhakta-pada-jala, bhakta-pada-dhuli, bhakta-bhukta-shesha should be taken with faith.
-Bhagavan has many lila kathas but the best is of rasa-lila.
-Meaning of Vishnu in relation to rasa-lila.
-Story of a person putting faith in Lord Vishnu that He is sending an elephant through the needle’s hole.
-Bhagavan can do possible impossible & impossible possible.
-Satyavrata Muni is praying to give qualifications.
-About sraddha & its types & example of Haridasa Thakura for atyantiki-sraddha.
-Never give up guru & harinama.


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