Playlist - Vraja-mandala parikrama 2022

03/11/22am – Damodarashtaka (Bengali) – India

-Even if one has the post of Brahma but is not interested in hari-katha, his life is useless
-If you have darshana of Krishna, you will not come back to this material world
-Satyavrata Muni is seeking for madhurya-rasa only
-Vritrasura’s prayers to Krishna
-Yashoda-Damodara and Radha-Damodara
-Subal can’t go inside the kunja to fan Krishna. He is fanning Krishna from outside with a rope
-Manjari-seva is very close to Radha
-None of the acharyas explained Damodarashtaka the way Gurudevа did
-All the rasas are inside madhurya-rasa

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02/11/22am – Keshi-ghata (Bengali)

-Killing of Keshi demon
-Bandhu sange kirtana explanation
-You have return ticket before you came here
-If you have one way ticket to Vrindavana, Bhagavan will give you His darshana

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01/11/22am – Gopashtami (Hindi)

-2 kinds of Gopashtami
-We should follow our own dharma, not others
-Satyakama and Jabali katha
-Mother Yashoda and Nanda Baba do not allow Krishna to go cow-grazing
-2 reasons for Krishna’s cow-grazing

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31/10/22am – Khelvana-bihari (Hindi)

-Radha Krsna played many games here.
-Krsna makes sound like frog & all frogs come here.
-When He makes sound like cuckoo all cuckoos come here.
-Krsna gets tired & lays down then sakhas fan Him & does kirtan of Krsna’s lilas.
-Krsna smiles a bit with eyes closed.

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