-Srimati Radhika knows the heart of Krishna
-The story of the disciple who was never able to bring water to his guru
-All our endeavours should be to please Krishna
-Shakti and shaktiman can be murta (manifest) and amurta (unmanifest)
-Srimati Radhika meets a bumblebee
-Hari-katha is ever fresh
-Those who have seen the beauty of the Lord are not interested in the beauty of this world
-Sur das katha and Bilvamangala Thakura katha
-Srimati Radharani chases the bumblebee away from praising Krishna
-The story of Kailasa and Narada Rishi
-Speaking is easy but listening is not so easy
-Prema-samputa: the deeper the prema is hidden in the heart, the more it will grow


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