– Chaitanya Charitamrita, Adi lila, Chapter 17; – Son of Srivas dies during the kirtan; – Chaitanya Mahaprabhu chants “gopi, gopi” and chastises the brahmana who tells Him to chant Krsna’s names; – Mahaprabhu considers taking sannyasa to benefit the offenders; – Srimati Radhika “criticizes” Krsna to the bumblebee: Rama didn’t follow the kshatriya dharma by killing Bali and disfiguring Shurpanakha, Vamana deva cheated Bali Maharaja; – Srimati Radhika tells to the bumblebee that the problem is the black; – The faults of the cuckoo birds and the crow; – Importance of paying obeisances (pranama) especially to a sannyasi.

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