Part 1

-Radha and Krishna’s confidential lilas are at the lap or in the caves of Govardhana
-Govardhana is the witness of Radha and Krishna’s sweet pastimes
-Govardhana gives warm water in winter and cold water in summer
-Sugandha-shilas of Giriraja Govardhana
-Analysis of the shloka hantayam adrir abala hari-dasa-varyo (SB 10.21.18)
-Hanuman placed Giriraj Govardhan in Vrindavan in Treta Yuga.
-Giriraj’s prayers to Bhagavan & Lord Rama’s boon to Giriraj.
-Story of Giriraj,son of Drona along with Kulasta Rshi placing him in Vrindavan.
-Giriraj’s seva to Radha Krishna.
-All confidential lilas took place on Giriraj Govardhan.
-Giriraj is witness to many lilas.
-Srimati Radhika praises Giriraj as best among Haridas’s & says to take shelter of him.
-Meaning of nirbala.
-Srila Raghunatha das goswami’s desire to become dasi of Srimati Radhika.
-What is the right desire to have in sadhana stage.
-Brahma desires to become a stone where vrajavasis wash their legs after cleaning toilets.
-Uddhava wants to become a grass or plant in Vrindavan.
-Giriraj Govardhan does service in form of sakhi.
-If some wants to submerge in Shringar rasa one needs to get gopi sarira.
-Story to tell about service attitude of women more than men.
-Everyone does seva but seva bhava is very imp.
-Giriraj Govardhan does seva in gopi bhava.
-What is the meaning of abhishek of Giriraj Govardhan.

Part 2

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