-Raval is a title for landlords
-Vraja means they are always moving
-Vrishabhanu Maharaj and Nanda Maharaj are neighbours and close friends
-If Vrishabhanu Maharaj had so many cows (1 100 000), imagine the population on Earth
-The distance between Raval and Radha-kunda is quite big. Imagine Srimati Radhika everyday crossed this distance to bathe, etc.
-Dhama is like a flower with petals. It can shrink and expand
-Krihsna had umbilical cord with mother Yashoda (Nrisimhadeva is not a child of a pillar, Varahadeva coming out of Brahma’s nostril is not his child)
-Appearance of Srimati Radhika on the Yamuna river
-Meaning of the name Kirtida
-Narada Rishi receives darshana of Sri Radha
-Krishna with His parents came to Vrishabhanu Maharaj’s house and saw Srimati Radhika there
-Only after Srimati Radhika met Krishna She opened Her eyes
-Pastimes of Srimati Radhika described in Madhu-smita Sri Radha (lila of killing a big crocodile)

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