Part 1

-Krishna grazes the cows here
-Sharadiya-rasa is pancayati-rasa
-Groups of the gopis
-Lila of Krishna testing the beauty of the gopis with His arm as a test stone
-Gopis reject Krishna appearance as Narayana
-Paitha means ‘go inside’. It’s because Krishna put His Narayana’s additional two arms inside His belly when He noticed Srimati Radhika
-Raga is such happiness of having Govinda that you don’t feel any anxiety
-Even one moment without Krishna is enough for Srimati Radhika to faint
-At the times of Krishna’s prakata pastimes it was so hot even deers were tanned
-Srimati Radhika was so happy to see Krishna that She did not even feel pain while standing on the heated stones of Giriraj Govardhan
-Krishna bestows a blessing on Narada that if someone enters His land (Vraja-bhumi) and put its dust on his forehead, he will immediately have topmost krishna-prema in his heart

Part 2

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