Part 1

-Rasa-sthali is the heart of Gaudiya Vaishnavas
-Do not locate the toilet in the north-eastern part of your house. Otherwise the demigods will become angry and you will have constant quarrels in your house.
-A listing of Krishna’s childhood lilas
-Krishna feels the presence of an outsider at the rasa dance
-Shiva is the security guard of the rasa dance
-You cannot enter bhakti without the mercy of Lord Shiva
-Sanatana Gosvami and Shiva used to be close to earth other
-Lila of Krishna testing the beauty of gopis with His hand
-Gopis call Krishna Parampati
-A joke about the first life and the seventh life of the married couple
-4 things in parakiya-bhava: vamyata, durlabhata, prachhanna kamakhata and nivaranata

Part 2

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