-Bhagavan is controlled by ashraya-prema
-Mother Yashoda cannot fully control Krishna, her prema is somewhat limited
-Nanda Maharaj announces that Krishna and Balarama are going to Mathura and the gopis start crying immediately
-The gopis blame Providence for separating them with Krishna after their love became mature
-3 types of meeting and separation: past, present and future
-The ornaments of Krishna feel bliss touching His body
-Тhe humorous story of the son who didn’t recognise his mother with no make-up on
-How Cupid lost his limbs and his wife Roti-devi prayed Shiva to bring her husband back
-Krishna is aprakrita Kamadeva
–Nose and especially eyes of a person define his or her beauty
-Three lines on the neck and belly are a sign of beauty
-Krishna is tied with love, not rope
-Radharani asks Chitra not to finish drawing Krishna’s feet, otherwise He will stop posing and run away
-Gurudev talked about Damodarashtaka for a whole month and at the end of each lecture he would say, “Let us leave Krishna bound. We will unbound Him tomorrow”.

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