-Gopis promise Krishna to make the road out of their bodies so that Krishna can walk without getting dirty in the clay wet from their tears
-There are the names of the gopis inside the sound klim
-Yogamaya can reduce and increase the space
-Krishna played vamsi for rasa lila & to collect the cows.
-Banyan tree & Yamuna river in this place in Dwapara yuga.
-Krishna & sakhas taking rest.
-Lila of Krishna with His cow Shyamali.
-Prema gets condensed from sneha to maan.
-Different types of maan & prema.
-Lila of Sridhama waiting for Krishna & meeting Mahaprabhu.
-Vrajavasis especially gopis in viraha of Krishna hanker for Him to come back & the arrangements they do for Him to come back.
-Krishna is eternally in Vrindavan.
-Rasa Lila happens in Vamsivat in the evening.
-Lila of Krishna quenching the thirst of gopis by making a well with Vamsi.
-Anyone taking the dust of Vraja & placing it on head & listening to Hari Katha one gets Vraja Prema.

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