Part 1

-Brahman , Paramatma & Bhagavan.
-How does Bhagavan manifest Himself to aishwarya marg bhaktas & Madhurya rasa bhaktas.
-Bhagavan’s aishwarya.
-Nothing can be compared with His beauty.Bhagavan is one without second.
-Lila of Child Rama catching the crow Kakabhushandi.
-In Lord Rama’s Lila aishwarya is shown even though they looks like nara lila.
-Krishna lila are nara lila & madhurya.
-Lord Rama is always gambhir. Krishna Nayana chanchal.
-Face is the index of mind & eyes are the windows of heart.
-barhapidam nata-vara-vapuh karnayoh karnikaram sloka
-Gopis being jealous of Venu criticises Venu saying being male how do you taste Krishna’s lips nectar.
-In Prema rajya jealous & humility comes at same time.
-Gopis say Venu you are fortunate as you touch lips of Krishna.
-Govinda massages Venu’s feet when Venu feels tired & fanned by eyelids of Govinda.
-Real beauty is in bhava.Krishna special 4 qualities.
-Krishna’s form is so beautiful that unlimited universes will be submerged.
-Lila of baby Krishna getting from bed, holdinng Yashoda Mayya’s churninng rod & taking milk from Yashoda Mayya.
-Krishna’s stomach capacity & Yashoda Mayya milk capacity.

Part 2

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