-Narada Rishi is cursed by Daksha Prajapati
-Bhagavan lived on this Earth for 125 years
-There were a lot of sadhus in Dvaraka
-Lila of Krishna’s departure
-Krishna sends Uddhava to Vidura and Maitri
-The hunter Jara hits an arrow in Krishna’s feet
-To think that Jara (Bali in his former life) killed Krishna is not wise. It was Krishna’s indrajalika lila
-Story of a family of magicians killing each other because of the necklace
-Krishna tells atma-tattva to Arjuna
-Оur lives are shortening by the moment
-Give transcendental names to your children: Radha, Govinda, etc.
-If Tulasi touches your body, Yamadutas will never touch you. And also put tilaka
-Srimad-Bhagavatam ends with nama-sankirtana
-Please everybody follow Ekadashi
-You can give fruits of your Ekadashi to a dying person or to a brahmadaitya to deliver him
-Story of a brahmadaitya delivered by Vaikanas Maharaj

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