-Some Sadhana siddha gopis didn’t have still anuraag towards Krishna.
-Sadhana Siddha gopis who associated with nitya siddha have anuraag & Yoga Maya’s arrangement for them.
-How did Sadhan siddha gopis locked by family reached Krishna.
-About karma(papa & punya) & its fruits, getting mukti after finishing karma
-Story of an old women having her grandson killed by snake bite & snake charmers conversation with her.
-Sukhadev goswami on how gopis attained Bhagavan without brahma jnana.
-Bhagavath Prapti by kamad dveshad bayad snehath sambhandath & bhakti with examples.
-Story of a man inflicted by Santa Mahatma’s words repeats them in front of thief.
-About Sisuphala vadh.
-Uthkanta(enthusiasm) & avesha are important in bhakti & to attain Bhagavan.
-What is Uthkanta & a story of guru teaching sishya about it.
-Savikalpa samadhi & Nirvikalpa samadhi & sahaj samadhi.
-Venu raja didn’t attain Bhagvan unlike Sisuphala.
-Bhakti we have to do by avistha(being immersed).
-Lila of Mahaprabhu with a boy reading Gita & crying in South India.
-Guru gives mantra & tells about presiding diety.
-When chanting mantra make chitta stable & being immersed(avistha) & know about meaning of mantra.
-Asana siddhi , mantra siddhi , bhava siddhi, swaroop siddhi , vastu siddhi , parikar.
-Story of a goldsmith asking about gold price increase when doctor said he has high temperature.

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