Part 1

-Gopis saying to Krishna different types of Prema & examples for that.
-Temporary nature of this world.
-Why did girls covered themselves after seeing Vyasadevji but not Sukhadev goswami?
-About advaitavada , dvaitavada & achinta bheda abheda tattva.
-Every object inherently has certain nature & shakti which manifets sometimes & sometimes not. Eg:Water
-Def of Atma rama & apta kama , gruhu drohi , aparadhi, akrutagna.
-Story of a king giving punishment to his barber whom he treated as a son.
-About Haitu Prema & examples for it.
-Gopis asked Krishna what is Your love & Krishna’s answer.
-Story of Holika with Prahlada Maharaj in her lap surrounded with fire.
-Story of Shankarachraya defeating Mandana Misra’s wife (Ubhaya Bharati).
-Organic food in western world.
-Why advaiatavadis dont accept Brahma sakti?
-Mahaprabhu to Govinda as why he awoke Him up disturbing His meditation on Radha Krishna Lila.
-Atma has svabhaviki prema.Bhagvan is anandamaya.
-Story of 2 mothers fighting for a son.
-Why did Krishna came as Mahaprabhu.

Part 2

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