-Raya Ramananda’s darshan of Mahaprabhu’s different rupas.
-Mahaprabhu has hidden His bhava after listening to Mahabhagavath glorification.
-Prema & Humility how they are related.
-Nanda baba saying he doesn’t have Krishna Prema out of humility to Uddhava.
-How is love in material realm.
-Prema characteristic is that it will raise inspite of reason for destruction.
-Gopis asking question on love to Krishna & types of love with examples. Atma Rama & Apta Kama defs & examples.
-Sirradaj Janaka Maharaj inspite of being apta kama cried when Sita devi cried.
-Aparadhis Chitta & Ungrateful person nature.Examples for love with a cause.
-Why Krishna said He cann’t repay the debt to gopis.
-Who has won & failed after gopis heard Krishna’s explanation for their questions on prema.
-In Prema one becomes humility & cann’t tolerate viraha.
-Nanda Baba’s Prema vs Dasarath Maharaj’s Prema.
-Vrajavasis think of Krishna’s pleasure inspite of difficulties.
-Lila of Krishna asking a gopi as why she didn’t keep kajal on one eye.For Gopis Krishna darshan uthkanta is intense.
-How does Uttama Mahabhagavath sees all jivas.
-Mahaprabhu’s parihaas with Raya Ramananda..
-Mahaprabhu showed rasaraj MahaBhava Swaroop.

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