-Devaki garbha sthuti done but not for Krishna in Yashoda garbha.
-Yashoda garbha sthuti will create difficulties for vrajavasis madhurya bhava.
-Nanda Maharaj wife 2 names Yashoda & Devaki.
In shastras there are many alankars
-This world is limited.
-Bhakta can even stop brahmasapa (the curse of a brahmana). Eg:Ambarisa Maharaj
-Srila BV Vana Maharaj once cursed the ticket man in the train
-Lord Ramachandra is also beautiful but His devotees bhava mixed with aishwarya.
-Raktapatra thinks he is dasya of Nanda baba but not to Krishna.
-How Lords friends consider Him in Rama Lila and Krishna Lila.
-How is vraja bhava different from other dhams.
-Yudhistra Maharaj’s explanation to Draupadi as why he kept her in gambling.
-Bhagavan & suddha bhakta its lila.For baddha jiva it is karma.
-Story of a person taking credit for making garden & blaming Indra for his killing of cow.
-About how karma comes in ones life.
-In whirlpool of Prema raman & ramani, ashraya & visaya becomes one & cann’t separate.
-Dhuti is one who glorify Nayak & Nayika to arrange for Milan.
-Last limit of Divine Love is Rasaraj Mahabhava.
-Why Raya Ramananda fell unconscious on seeing Rasaraj Mahabhava.
-Srimati Radhika has monopoly sarvabhava udgama rati.

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