Part 1

-What is Dhyana?
-Topmost Sravan is Radha Krishna Premi Kheli rasayana.
-Lord Kapiladeva instructs Devahuti to sit in sat sanga & listen Hari Katha.
-Topmost Katha that gives ananda is rasa lila.
-Faith is that by Krishna Bhajan everything is obtained.
-How are Sravan , Kirtan , Smaran interrelated to one another.
-How does para bhakti manifests in heart & hrudaya roga goes away.
-What are the 49 ingredients of rasa?
-Vibhava , anubhava , Sattvik Vyabhichari manifests on sthayi bhava then it becomes rasa.7 Gauna rasa.
-5 types of sthayi bhava — Santa , dasya , sakhya , madhurya , vatsalya.
-Srila Rupa goswamipad collected all ingredients.
Srila Raghunatha das goswamipad told about proportions to be mixed.
-Diversity in India.
-First Jnana & then Vignana.
-Story of a devotee in math doing abhisheka with salt.v
-Why Bhagavan came as Mauna avatar in kali yuga.
-Lila of Lokanatha das goswami with his thakurji.
-Story of a mothers love towards child.
-Story of a child asking mothers heart for his lover.
-Sad Guru will manifest in sat sishya’s heart.

Part 2

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