– Phala sruti (fruits) of listening to rasa lila katha; – Everyone is interested in the fruits (example what you will get by having a cow); – Krishna becomes intoxicated with the fragrance of Srimati Radhika; – Krsna glorifies the wind (Pavana deva) for touching Srimati Radhika’s clothes; – Krsna’s infallible weapon: the sound of His flute; – The three greeds of Krsna: Krishna becomes amazed and wants to know what is the glory of Srimati Radhika’s love, what does She relish in Him and what does She feel when She relishes Him; – Vikriditam vrajavadubhih idam ca visnoh sloka; – Consideration about gopis: were they married or had kids?; – Kama vijaya lila: if you listen to rasa lila katha, all your material lust will be gone; – Rasa lila katha: again and again listen with faith and think about it; – “Anu”: incessantly listen from the lotus mouth of Guru (uttam uttam maha bhagavata), – A madhyama adhikari can also be Guru; – Uttam kanistha, uttam madhyam, uttam uttam (murcchita kasaya, Narada as dasi-putra; nirdhut kashaya, Sukadev Gosvami and bhagavat parsada deha prapta, Narada Rsi; – Samapika kriya, asamapika kriya; – Getting the proper meaning of sanskrit slokas is very hard ( example of the “don’t urinate here”); – Karmis, jñanis and yogis also read Bhagavad Gita, but get different meanings; – Devotee who wanted to study Bhagavatam, and Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupada told him to study from the Babaji working in the gardens; – Vani seva is superior to vapu seva, but both are very important; – All are guru sevakas (do you think that only those who cook for Gurudev and wash his clothes are guru sevakas?), example of Raya Ramananda and Govinda.

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