– Qualifications of Sukadeva Gosvami;- Why was Vyasadeva chasing Sukadeva when he went to the forest? Vyasadeva didn’t have attachments!- Slokas taught by Vyasadeva to the hunters to be able to “catch” Sukadev in the forest (about the qualities and beauty of Krsna);- Purana katha: Vyasadeva wanted to test Sukadeva to see if he was qualified to speak rasa lila katha, Sukadeva had to go to the assembly of Sirodaj Janak Maharaja;- Not so easy to digest rasa lila katha;- Vikriditam vraja sloka: listen with the faith that only Svayam Bhagavan Krsna does rasa lila;- Visnu is doing rasa lila: means this Krsna which is in everyone’s hearts and with all the billion gopis at the same time;- Anusrnuyat: listen rasa lila from the lotus mouth of Guru, constantly, and certainly you will get;- 81 types of bhakti, highest is svarupa siddha bhakti;- Training in vastu siddhi;- Remembrances of Gurudev’s army training for 3 years at NCCT.

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